Bitcoin and alternative currency for philanthropy

Project Description

The Tatuyo are a native group of people living in the Amazon near Manaus. ?These wonderful human beings live a simple life and sustain themselves by tourism.

Bit4Good is committed to assisting native people, like the Tatuyo, who wish to remain culturally relevant and to it’s our vision that indigenous peoples like the Tatuyo will find our World Market as a means to help support their unique way of life.

Contribute to Bit For Good to make the World Market accessible to those who need it most.

Project Details

  • Client: Bit For Good World Market
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Project Begin: August 2016
  • Project End: N/A
  • Funders: Bit For Good

Protecting Cultural Treasures

Bit For Good is committed to creating an cryptocurrency market with world access to help to keep cultural roots and sustainability alive.