Hurricane Haiti

Haiti Emergency Relief After Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew devistated Haiti, it was the worst natural disaster to hit Haiti since the country lost much of it’s infrusture during the earthquake.

We do not supply direct assistance, but we support partners who do through your donations of Bitcoin and other crypto currency. ?Please give generously so that we may fund ongoing relief efforts in Haiti and to be ready?when the next disaster hits.

We have charities that we partner with who have direct offices in Southern Haiti who are already sending relief to the country, we need your support to assist these charities as they use their emergency funds to provide humanitarian aid.

We know that in Haiti, there was already a short supply of medical goods in stock and on shelves, through relief partners such as CMMB, we are replenishing those materials and providing assistance to a quarter million people in Southern Haiti.

Your gift allows us to do that, please donate today.

This video was taken from an news agency unaffiliated with Bit For Good, Inc. but it demonstrates the urgent humanitarian need in Southern Haiti.

Please be as generous as you can and contribute?to Bit For Good today.

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Hurricane Matthew - Southern Haiti Humanitarian Disaster

  • Client: International Relief Agency
  • Location: Haiti
  • Project Begin: October 2016
  • Project End: N/A
  • Architect: Bit 4 Good

Project Management

Bit For Good is accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash or Vericoin donations and converting them to provide emergency assistance to humanitarian organizations providing medicine and international relief efforts to Haiti after the devistation of Hurricane Matthew.