February 9, 2020


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About Bit For Good Inc.

You maybe wondering what Bit For Good, Inc. (or Bit4Good) is?

We started out as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to help online individuals who use virtual currencies support charitable work worldwide. At the time BitForGood.org began there was very little competition in the marketplace, but there was also very little interest in the service.  Other charitable organizations appeared and the cryptocurrency market fluctuated so BitForGood as a nonprofit seized operations in 2020.

Bit For Good

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Donate Crypto Currency

You can still contribute to our work, however it is not tax-deductible..

Our Philosophy

Breaking down barriers with the block chain.

We feel that our is?philosophy simple. We wanted to make positive changes by promoting virtual currencies. We envisioned a world where supporting charities will enable us to help make the use of cryptocurrency more legitimate and trustworthy and increase exposure.

Our goal was to support charities that make real impacts in individuals lives. We were deeply inspired by Poverty, Inc. when setting out to found the organization and aspire to make sure that we research all of the organizations we support through the?cryptocurrency we receive and to report back to our donors how their funds are supporting philanthropy.

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