June 29, 2016


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About Us

You maybe wondering what Bit For Good, Inc. (or Bit4Good) is?

We are a registered nonprofit charitable organization founded in Washington, DC in 2016 to help online individuals who use virtual currencies such as Bitcoin to support charitable work worldwide and allow them to make a tax deductible gift to charity using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, or Vericoin.

Our one unique mission is simply to promote virtual currency through philanthropy. We do that by taking the donated cryptocurrency and giving it to charities we have determined will be able to be effective in their work with your gift of cryptocurrency.

Bit For Good

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Donate Crypto Currency

Make a tax deductible gift to support charity.

If you invested in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and would have a capital gain penalty when selling your Bitcoin, by donating to support charity through Bit For Good, you may be able to deduct the charitable gift and avoid the capital gain tax. Similarly if you experience a loss and donate your cryptocurrency to Bit For Good you may also to benefit when filing your taxes.

Please consult your personal tax advisor for more information. ?Bit For Good does not provide any tax advice to donors.

Our tax-ID?is?81-3227455. ?Download our 501(c)3 determination letter.

Our Philosophy

Breaking down barriers with the block chain.

We feel that our is?philosophy simple. We want to make positive changes by promoting virtual currencies. Supporting charities will enable us to help make the use of cryptocurrency more legitimate and trustworthy and increase exposure.

Our goal is to support charities that make real impacts in individuals lives. We were deeply inspired by Poverty, Inc. when setting out to found the organization and aspire to make sure that we research all of the organizations we support through the?cryptocurrency we receive and to report back to our donors how their funds are supporting philanthropy.

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