February 14, 2020


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Recent Bitcoin (BTC) Price Movements Are Distraction Before $100,000, Crypto Trader’s Opinion

Now that the Bitcoin price is floating above $10,000, many are looking forward to higher gains, such as $20,000 and bigger.

More and more positive predictions are appearing for the Bitcoin price. However, some individuals believe that not all retail Bitcoin owners will be patient enough to see their BTC rise to $100,000

One of them is trader and investor @crypto_rand. He tweets:

“Price movements under $20,000 have only been a distraction to shake you out before $100,000”

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Trader ‘Galaxy’ believes that the next move up the charts will take the three largest coins to specific price marks.

Twitter user @SatoshiFlipper has posted a similar short-term prediction on Bitcoin, expecting BTC to reach $10,900 soon. Perhaps, even this weekend.