At the very center of our mission is to promote alternative currency through philanthropy. Join our project to build a mining community to mine coin to give away to promote charitable causes or donate your own cryptocurrency to support our mission.

Innovation Forum

Join our community to exchange ideas on how to best utilize cryptocurrency to end poverty and provide access to capital to emable every human being to be self sustaining and free to determine their own fait without the burden of class or economic injustice.

World Market

Bit For Good’s world market is an open exchange of goods and services using cryptocurrency. Our goal is to allow anyone to sell goods or services for cryptocurrency on the world market, especially those with limited access to markets in their home countries.

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How to make a charitable gift of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Dogecoin.

Select the amount in US Dollars that you want to give to charity. After selecting donate now you will be asked to provide your name, email and asked to register on our site (so we may provide a tax receipt). Then you will be taken to a page where you select which cryptocurrency you wish to donate. Thank you for your compassion and for donating today.


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Together we are using the blockchain to make a better tomorrow.

Turn your intelligence and passion for cryptocurrency mining into a force that makes a profound difference in life. Lead the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency by donating coin to charity. At Bit For Good we take your crypto-donation and turn it into a charitable gift to fund a nonprofit project. The Bit For Good community believes the best way to move forward with acceptance of cryptocurrency is to show the good that can be achieved through the use of an open currency.

Bit For Good’s goal is to run on passion and help to people get out of poverty by providing resources to small to medium start-ups, entrepreneurs and also to help with humanitarian disasters and provide other assistance as needed. We aim to support organizations that we identify as well managed and will use the gifts that you have donated to make a real impact.

Together we can do of this by using the blockchain for the betterment of humanity by promoting virtual currency through philanthropy.

Thank you for being part of this amazing work. We are grateful that you give your trust and confidence to enable this work.

Thank you


Our mission is simple, to promote virtual currency through philanthropy. Bit4Good is a nonprofit mediatory for you, the donor, to give gifts of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, or Vericoin to charity.


Bit For Good’s staff researches organizations that meet our “bit of approval” and are working to promote economic justice, assisting with humanitarian needs, or promoting educational opportunities. We fund projects these organizations by donating or converting the virtual currency donated to Bit For Good, or that mined from our mining operations.

Your Gift

By donating to Bit For Good you encourage nonprofits who may not have the option of accepting cryptocurrency to provide the option to their donors, taking cryptocurrency even further mainstream.

Thank you

Thank you for placing your trust in us and supporting our work. We hope you share our philosophy of changing the world by empowering those who need the assistance and promoting virtual currency as one means to change the structure and cycle of poverty.

Why donate cryptocurrency to Bit For Good?

Your charitable gift to Bit For Good is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Current IRS regulations view cryptocurrency as gifts of property. You will receive a receipt for your gift plus we will provide form which you may use for your taxes. Please be sure to include your contact information with your donation to receive your receipt. You may be able to write off capital gains, or losses, on the cryptocurrency you donate. Please consult with an accountant for more information.

The Tatuyo in Brazil’s Amazon
Hurricane Matthew Emergency Relief
Bit For Good Inc

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Our mission

Founded in 2016 to promote virtual currency through philanthropy, we base our philosophy of philanthropy in a model that we strive to improve the lives of people and help them help themselves, working locally and with education and expanding on existing successes. We are not affiliated with Poverty, Inc. but we strive to build on those simple principals, check out their documentary, we seet to look at development in a way that empowers others and doesn’t just provide material goods.

Using the blockchain to better philanthropy.

What you can do.

Contribute to our work by donating Bitcoin, or other types of cryptocurrency, to charitable causes.


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